Frequently asked

Q: How far away are you from the airport?
A: 6 minutes from Domestic and 12 minutes from
International, depending on traffic.

Q: How often do you run shuttles? 
A: On demand!

Q: What if I am late for my designated shuttle time? 
A: Being close to the airport, we will have another shuttle available generally within minutes.

Q: What do we do once we get back from our trip? 
A: Call our office once you're off the plane and through the security check
and we'll send one of our shuttles to pick you up.

Q: Is the car parked undercover?
A: Yes, and our warehouse has NO HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS.

Q: I've made a booking but haven't received a confirmation. 
A: Try checking your span or junk email folder. Once you make a booking, you'll
receive an automated email from us.

Q: Can you transport children?
A: Any child OVER the age of three can go on our shuttle bus without needing child seats. Unfortunately, any child UNDER the age of three is NOT PERMITTED on our buses due to insurance purposes.

Q: When are payments made? 
A: Payments are made when you return from your trip, we do not take payments or credit card information online. We accept Cash, Visa and MasterCard.

Q: We're going on a family holiday and there will be 30 of us travelling together. Can you accommodate us? 
A: Ye, we have a fleet of buses ranging from 9 seats to 52 seats.

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